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Canada Service Corps Grant Application for $1,500

Step 2: About you

For this step you will share a bit about yourself.




I self-identify as:

Step 3: About Your Project

For this step you will share the amazing initiatives you will do for your community.


Is this project a specific idea developed in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Choose one or more audience connected to your project idea. Want to work with a community you don’t identify with? Include this information in your project description below and we can help start a conversation about it.


Note: At this grant amount you must have at least 5 members on your team unless you’re from a remote community.

We ask that you select dates at least 3 weeks from the day that you apply so that our team can review and process it. If you are unsure about your timeline, check "I'm not sure" and provide the month you think you could run your project.


Step 4: About your Budget...

Congratulations on making it to this step! Please use our template to share how you will spend the grant funds. Overall we would like to learn what costs will you use the grant to cover.

Step 5 - A few last things...